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The plan was, to build an electric guitar without power tools and it worked quite well. The only things I despaired of, were the inlays. Unfortunately, I had to cheat there. All in all, the construction took two months and was quite exhausting in some points.😅

It's my fifth self-built guitar. The look should be rustic and "pirates of the caribbean-style". At some point during construction I noticed that the body has something of an octopus, so I chose the corresponding inlay in the 12th fret. The body is made of maple with an oiled and waxed bog oak top. The three-part neck is made of beech and walnut wood. After long consideration, I decided to use golden hardware that I aged with hydrochloric acid (attention ... dangerous!).
The body has two chambers for weight loss. The "F-hole" is more decoration without an acoustical advantage and the cutaway is sufficient for me, but certainly not for everyone.
I ended up playing the guitar with my limited playful abilities over my Orange Dual Terror and my self made 1x12 cabinet. The recording was done simply with a Zoom H4n in front of the speaker without further editing.
The pickups (Duesenberg Humbucker) are splitable and produce a similar sound as the guitar from the last video. Unfortunately, the actual "pressure" of the combination does not show in the recording, but I'm pretty happy with the sound of the guitar. Compared to my last guitar she is not so heavy and clunky, also the sound seems somehow "more open" ... difficult to describe ... I like it. What do you think about it? Maybe someone has an idea how to get a octopus inlay in a fretboard with hand tools ;-)

Happy new year my friends!
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